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D&S Automotive - Hudson
551 Main Street , Hudson, NC 28638
(828) 728-9900
DS Detailing
6030 Spartan Drive, Hudson, NC 28638
(828) 729-9617, (828) 212-1065
D&S Automotive - Lenoir
932 Wilkesboro Blvd, Lenoir, NC 28645
(828) 758-8680

Automotive Detailing

Detailing Center
630 Spartan Drive
Hudson, NC 28638
(828) 212-1065

Auto Detailing in Sawmills NC

Restore the Pristine Appearance of Your Car

Wish your vehicle looked as spotless as the day you got it? The D & S Automotive detailing center restores the like-new appearance of your car, truck, or SUV.

Miles of driving take a toll on any vehicle, whether from outdoor contaminants like road salt or interior food and beverage stains. Restoring your vehicle to pristine condition isn't the easiest job or the best way to spend a weekend afternoon. It takes time, the right cleaning supplies, and knowledge about the easy-to-forget crevices where debris hides.

Save time with auto detailing. We serve Sawmills NC, Gamewell NC, Baton NC, and Granite Falls NC, and surrounding areas.

No Need to Lift a Finger with Auto Detailing

We handle exterior and interior detailing, so you save time and hassle.

Services include:

  • Hand Wash Exterior
  • Dry & Polish Exterior
  • Clean & Dress Tires and Wheels
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Interior Shampooing & Vacuuming
  • Window Cleaning
  • Wheel Well Wash
  • Odor Removal

Our technicians use high quality, detailing products on your vehicle.

Benefits of a Detailed Car or Truck

    First Impression: Create a positive impression with a clean car whenever you meet a client, interview for a job, or pick up a date.

    Resale Value: A clean vehicle can help you sell your car or truck faster, at a better price.

    Confidence: Remember that feeling you had when you first got behind the wheel of your new car? Feel good driving again with a clean interior and exterior.

Questions? Contact us today to learn more about auto detailing.

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Phone: (828) 728-9900
Address: 551 Main Street
Hudson, NC 28638
Phone: (828) 758-8680
Address: 932 Wilkesboro Blvd.
Lenoir, NC 28645
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